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We have another T-Shirt design available, hope not too late, its a Christmas design for Children!

Don't forget to download the beautiful Santa's Pipe Dream book to read to your young children on Christmas eve! only 77p! What a bargain!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Monday, 10 December 2012

And now, So you want to be a Cartoonist? in Japanese.... in paperback and in Kindle... links available in next couple of days... bear with!!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

So you want to be a Cartoonist? OUT NOW in paperback by Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist! and children's film and book maker. In this book he shows you how to draw cartoons, from beginning to finished product... from faces, to hands, to morphing from human to animal! All of this and more is in this great book for the budding cartoonist, and artist! Also How to be a Cartoonist, and Cartooning for beginners!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Sherlock Von Gnu By Peter Maddocks on Kindle NOW!

Sherlock the private detective stars in his own cartoon comic story book! The case of the missing shadows starts this new series of books by Fleet Street Cartoonist Peter Maddocks.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bruce the Bionic Bear is now available on Kindle as well as paperback as from today! Beautiful full color children's story book by Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street cartoonist...

Friday, 30 November 2012

In the next couple of days So you want to be a Cartoonist? will be available, in both paperback and on Kindle...

And within a week or so, also in Japanese! Absolutely brilliant! Also available in both formats!  Now Amazon is available in Japan, Peter has the book, so why not!  Lets gets it out there into the world!

As soon as these books are available I will link to them, don't worry!!!

║░║ Also out soon ║░║ Bruce the Bionic Bear, only in paperback at the moment, but soon to be on Kindle!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Page One ....

Santa’s Pipe Dream
By Peter Maddocks

It was December the twenty fourth, Christmas Eve, in a snow covered cottage in the far north.  It was snowing hard, and although it was only six o'clock in the evening, it was very dark.

Tucked up warm in front of a splendid log fire sat Santa Claus, smoking his favourite pipe, a chubby meerschaum, with a short fat stem and a tobacco stained bowl shaped like a tree trunk.  Every now and then, he would lean forward and pick up a poker to jab at the logs in the fire place, sending sparks flying in every direction.

“You'll set fire to your beard one of these days, if you don't put that poker down.”  Said Mrs. Claus from the direction of the kitchen.  “And do you realise what date it is today?  Isn't it time you started getting yourself ready for your long journey?”

Santa sat back in his chair and took a long puff at his pipe.  “Don't you worry your wise old head, my dear.”  He said blowing clouds of smoke into the air.  “All the toys are bagged up and ready to go.  I'm just enjoying a pipe of tobacco before I go out to feed the reindeer...  By jingle bells!  That cooking of yours smells good!”  Said Santa, wafting the pipe smoke away from his nose.

“I don't know how you can taste my cooking, after puffing at that filthy old pipe!” said Mrs. Claus from the kitchen.  “It can't be doing you any good, breathing down that smelly old smoke into your lungs, you should know better at your age, and you should set a good example to all those children you visit and give it up!”  

Santa's Pipe Dream

is available from December 1st at a special offer price for the whole month of December!  

.77p in the UK and .99c in the US!

The prices might even have come down before this page is finished! 

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Master

First Page: Taken from The Master by s Teresa Patrick  and @ .com

Chapter One
I have lived in this wonderful house since I was twelve years old, it is beautiful, magical, it is full of memories, and now it’s time I told my memories, my secrets, I wish I could tell you exactly where I am, but I can’t give you the address as I am still here you know! I can give you my name, Bernice, or Berni to everyone else except my ma and pa! I was born mid July 1940, a year into WW2 to two very happy parents glad to be together at this awful time, even in London love bloomed as bombs fell!

I must have memories of what happened just before my twelfth birthday, but something so awful happened my mind is blank!  There was the war which had ended in 1945, I was five then, we had seen the sky painted red by the bombs that landed on our beloved city of London.  Papa hadn’t had to enlist, he was needed in his job in London and being forty-two just a year too old when the second call up of older men came, which mama and I were very pleased about!

The awful thing that changed our path of life irrevocably was my mother Ruth; she died, and aged only thirty-two?  She died on October 8th 1952 in the Harrow and Wealdstone railway crash, 112 people died, and more than twice that were injured.  We were living overlooking the line, in a crowded railway cottage we shared with another family, and mother was coming home from working her night shift in the market, she had alighted and was on the platform at 08:19 when the trains collided, three trains, it took several days to find her… papa and I stayed there at the station for two days until they found her…

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Magic Cat Flap By Peter Maddocks

Tibs the family cat by day, and by night a blue cartoon cat! He has marvellous adventures, the cat-flap takes him to visit places and times we can only imagine... In this full color story Tibs journey takes him to the Arabian Desert, where he helps out Nomadic Arab Cats...

Available in Paperback above... The the paperback books are in large print, to help children to learn to read, or reading to them easily at bedtime....

And here for your kindle! The Magic Cat Flap... 

Out NOW in paperback!  The sixth paperback book out recently by Peter Maddocks!

Billy Kit Car, begins as just a normal kiddies car... A car made with love, and by hand, by Billy's granddad for his birthday, and then as if by magic comes to life, to fulfil Billy's dreams... Billy has many wonderful adventures in his new birthday present, this is the first in the series, where he and his new Kit Car join the great London to Brighton car rally! Back at his Granddad's garage, the fuel pumps, diesel and petrol, are left to ponder where Billy could be, until his return in a most unusual manner!

Full beautiful color brings this wonderful story to life, first in the series, more to come!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

As of this moment, I have up and running a small, but out there TShirt shop!

MaddocksPublishedByMeSpreadshirt Shop!  Only a few designs so far, I will be updating with more designs in more colors as and when I can, also, to go with the wonderful Tick Tock Teddy book is the above teddy with his very own tshirt!

I am awaiting replies from two newspapers! 37 books in kindle for Peter Maddocks and now, also four in paperback!!!

Wish I had started all this years ago, 30 years ago maybe.... But then, as they say, better late than never eh!

Another two books in the pipeline for paperback, one in edit, another in the post!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Been busy busy busy last couple of weeks, above Santa's Pipe Dream, will be available in paperback version soon, from Amazon... It is a wonderful book, full pages, amazing color, and of course, a beautiful story, not just for Christmas.... But what a great time to buy it!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hot Potato, second in the Albert's Allotment series, in this great children's book, Albert plants out his next batch of new potatoes... But are the little potatoes really ready for life out in the veggie patch!

Jack Frost has different ideas! But with help from a friend, Albert makes sure they live safe and sound in the ground of his allotment!

Hot Potato is available in eBook formate and also out in paperback NOW!

Peter Maddocks has many children's books available in eBook and paperback format.

Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, also has material more adult based, in both comic strip, and short stories... And a great many How to Draw books, all available in both English and other languages!

Monday, 17 September 2012


Here is a link taking you directly to Peter Maddocks book Pigeon Trouble in paperback format!

Check out the preview pages...  It looks great!

Next book is on its way, in both kindle and paperback....

Monday, 10 September 2012

Pigeon Trouble! The first book in the series of Albert's Allotments.

Albert and his vegetables have many problems in their allotment patch. Among them are the pigeons!

A beautifully illustrated and narrated story for children, full color. This book will be a delight for young children!

Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, and children's film maker, is now writing short stories for children and adults, to add to his many 'How to draw' books, and laugh out loud comic strip cartoons, already in eBook format.

Peter now resides in southern Spain, where he also paints and drawers in many different styles in the fabulous Andalucia light.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Magic Cat Flap - An Arabian Adventure has now been published in eBook format, see link to the right!  
Tibs the family cat by day, and by night a blue cartoon cat! He has marvellous adventures, the cat flap takes him to visit places and times we can only imagine...

In this full color children's picture book story Tibs journey takes him to the Arabian Desert, where he helps out Nomadic Arab Cats...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Next book IS in production, The Magic Cat-Flap, its a big book, full pictures and story on each page, so lots of editing, lots of work with paint, lots of adjustments, lots of neck ache!  But will be a great childrens read when its finished, no promised publication date.... bear with me!

Another two books in the pipeline also, another childrens book, about an allotment!  And another adult book too, both by Peter Maddocks.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Free Fall to Hell, 26 year old Jack Weston need some cash in hand! He is late paying his rent for his meagre one bed apartment in London, when a job offer is too good to be true.... a hot air balloon ride takes him into a world he could never have expected!

Contains explicit words and actions.

Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, now resides in southern Spain, where he continues to draw, and paint, and write a whole different selection of stories, for adults, and for children.

He has also published many of his previous cartoon and comic books in eBook format, opening up a whole new arena for his works.

Direct link to Peters book to the right, either in main header for book, or in Peter Maddocks direct link to all his eBooks so far available on Amazon Kindle!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Back in 1946 The liner Queen Mary was known to merchant seamen and military personal as the Gray Ghost, shipping troops home from war torn Europe. Her first trip across the Atlantic as a passenger liner carrying first, second and third class passengers, also had many G I brides on board to join their new ex armed forces husbands in Canada and America. leaving the austere shores of food rationed Britain for the New World and a New Life in... The AMERICAS.

Peter Maddocks draws on some of his own experience here, at least with the Merchant Navy! The rest, we hope is only fiction!

Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, now lives in southern Spain, where he has now added wonderful paintings and short stories on eBook to his long list of accomplishments. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Book of Peter Maddocks Cartoons, a compilation of his funny, zany, surrealist, a gentle smile or laugh out loud cartoons!

Peter Maddocks now resides in southern Spain, painting, drawing and now writing a varied selection of childrens stories, adult short stories.

Best viewed in either landscape mode on your Kindle device or on the Kindle for PC!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Four great Children's books by Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, and children's film maker. Including Penny Crayon, FamilyNess and Jimbo and the Jet Set.

These are short stories, all previously published and now for the first time come together in this group.

Polar Bears tales, a story of a family of polar bears living in the Arctic, and their struggles to survive in this ever changing world.

Tick Tock Teddy, a teddy bear made for a small boy to help with learning to read a clock face. The bear ends up helping many more people to be on time!

The Sneezing Whale, two children help a whale with a very bad cold who threatens to flood a small Welsh fishing village with his enormous sneezes!

And finally, Santa's Pipe Dream, Santa Clause has a very nasty habit, and one which threatens to ruin Christmas for all the children of the world!

Buy now on Peter Maddocks book link to the right!  Or direct from amazon.co.uk

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A two story compilation of Peter Maddocks books, bringing together Penny Crayon the prequel and Penny Crayon Dickens of a Mess!

The first story telling how Penny Crayon's artistic talents first got her and Dennis into lots of action and adventure!

In Dickens of a Mess Penny's continues to learn through historic figures, when she falls into film making with her best friend Dennis.

Peter Maddocks first brought his Penny Crayon stories alive through children's television series and books, in many languages around the world.

He is also very known as a Fleet Street Cartoonist, and other children's series such as FamilyNess and Jimbo and the Jet Set.

Nowadays he is painting, in many different styles and mediums.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Tick Tock Teddy... By Peter Maddocks
Short Children's Story about a small boy who is given a teddy bear to help him learn to tell the time!  Tick Tock Teddy also helps a lot of other people with their time keeping in the process!

Polar Bear Tales... By Peter Maddocks
Short children's story, a family of polar bears whose home is the Arctic, face a never ending changing world, see how they do their best to survive.

The Sneezing Whale... By Peter Maddocks
A whale with a very bad cold is causing problems in a small Welsh fishing village, a brother and sister do all they can to help the whale and their friends and neighbours in the village!

Santa's Pipe Dream... By Peter Maddocks
A story for children, and not just for Christmas, a lovely short story which tells how a very unhealthy habit of Santa's threatens the existence of Christmas altogether!

All these books are available separately at the moment, but in a few days a compilation including all four will be released at a great price, so wait and buy all of them together!

From Amazon.com also link to Peter Maddocks books to the right here for a quick purchase!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It was during the Croydon riots in London and elsewhere around the country, many shop owners lost their whole livelihood.  There was a lot of anger, and some people took it upon themselves to give a little pay back to those who had emptied their shops and premises!

Henry, from the pet store and George the local tobacconist shared a common goal, much to the surprise of some of the local thugs!

A short story for adults by Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, and publisher of children's books and films, including FamilyNess and Penny Crayon.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Penny Crayon, the prequel!  By Peter Maddocks
Penny Crayon is girl with magical crayons, whatever she draws comes to life! Penny and her best friend Dennis create mayhem in their many adventures, this book is about how it all began.

Peter Maddocks made a children's television series for the BBC... And the above book, the prequel Peter Maddocks tells the story of how Penny began her story....

Penny Crayon and Dennis are asked to play a part in the Charles Dickens film, Oliver Twist. Penny uses her magic crayons to create the cast and causes havoc on the set!

In the above book Peter Maddocks has elaborated on the short story in the children's television program...

Click on link to the right for Peter Maddock's books....

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Magician, a short story by Peter Maddocks Fleet Street Cartoonist, a great story about a hypnotist and a magician, the latter can make a body disappear in more ways than one! Are they one and the same! The journalist must find out!

The plot thickens as the tongue of the magicians assistant loosens, and can the journalist find the answer, or will he just become another statistic?

A very enjoyable read, with many a twist and turn!  To buy click on link to the right!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Polar Bear Tales by Peter Maddocks Please link from the right to purchase your books from Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, and s. Teresa Patrick... More new Authors coming soon!

A family of Polar Bears in the Arctic, and their struggle to survive in a changing world. Their existence depends on finding a new home in an Arctic wilderness, where nothing now remains the same. Not just for the bears but the very thing that can save their lives.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to be a Cartoonist out now on Kindle, best viewed on Kindle for PC.

Needs that extra size to really make the most of this wonderful book and to learn the art of cartooning from Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist and Artist.

This book follows on from the popular Cartooning for Beginners and How to Draw Cartoons, which are also both available en espaƱol

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Condomania 101 Uses for a condom! 

This is truly a book of our times! Wickedly funny, it is also a guide to the real possibilities of condoms in daily life. It is certainly more informative than the TV ads...

Peter Maddocks has worked in Fleet Street for 45 years, appeared regularly in the Sunday Express Daily Telegraph & Mail on Sunday.

At first tempted to issue this book anonymously, he was emboldened to put his name to this very funny collection of cartoons when his son reminded him that he is, after all, a hardened veteran of the street of shame..

Condomania through the ages!

A ribald romp through the great condom moments of yesterday! Laugh your way down the ages safely with Harold of Hastings, Willie Shakespeare and naughty Napoleon in this hilarious and irreverent collection of cartoons.

Flushed with the success of Condomania, his condom guide for today, Peter Maddocks has again picked up his wicked pen. This time he gives us 101 uses for the condom that we didn't even suspect our grandfathers knew about.

Be warned, 1066 will never look the same again!

Both these two books are to be found on the Peter Maddocks link to his many and varied publications here on this site!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Housesitters By Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, live on Kindle today!

Housesitters, great job if you can get it, and in this short story a couple of Housesitters have everything organised ahead of time!

Peter Maddocks writes a great story here involving some very interesting American Italian characters, four works of art, and a great business deal! Can they do the deal or will it fall to someone else in the end!

It is another brilliant short story, fast paced and full of intrigue! 

Please check out the link to the right to purchase this great book!