Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to be a Super Cartoonist

Working on this book at the moment, editing it first, cleaning it up and preparing it for publishing next!

How to be a Super Cartoonist by Peter Maddocks.

I am also in the last stage of publishing my next book, a physiological thriller, sort of!

So watch this space!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Dennis C Randall

Well, who would have thought it would be I introducing my next book here today!

The week before I began this work placement I suddenly set about a book on my step father Dennis C Randall, I couldn't stop writing, and before I knew it, within three days, it was written, photographs loaded and in with createspace for publishing!

I have here now a link to the Kindle version... still a great book here...  and awaiting the paperback now!

I had a few changes to make, not easy from here, without the original download, but somehow I have accomplished it!

And I must admit, not so shyly as I should be, I am very pleased with it!  Who knows what errors there are, or how the pictures will come out on the Kindle in reality... but we will see!

It has been a wonderful thing, going through dads box... which is what set me on this road, his pictures, his writing, so much more I wish now I could have included, maybe I can add more at a later date, well, of course I know I can!

Enjoy those of you who make the purchase!  Enjoy the road I took...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Come Colour Me In - coloring in book for adults by Peter Maddocks

This is the newest book I have been working on the past, awaiting notification now from createspace and a first copy to check and then the book will be released... so watch this space as they say!

A second book is already in hand, all shoes!  Will be excellent also!  Will keep you posted on this one also!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The Double Edged Sword By LJBush...

L.J and her younger Sister Jo,had a harsh and traumatic childhood; they never felt they belonged. They were different.
As L.J grew into a young woman she felt hopeless and unfulfilled; she hated life. Little did she know she was being watched, and her desperate need to belong as a child would lead her to a life changing reunion with Jo, a dark looming stranger and a surprise transformation.
This would lead them both on a treacherous journey into the dark world of Vampires,Murderers.Bloodlust,Justice and Revenge.

A Leap of Faith  

Second in the trilogy...

After the revelation and shock sinks in, as to who their creator is, LJ and Jo find themselves in the turmoil of yet another catastrophe.

Varacolaci reveals yet more shocking news of his own, and LJ discovers she has more in common with her creator than she would like.

As they all prepare to return to London, little do they all know, their lives are all about to be turned upside down. An innocent night out at the Hangman's Arms, brings yet more trouble involving a new encounter with a curious stranger. LJ takes her own Leap of Faith, not knowing she is leading her whole new family into danger, which could spell the end of Varacolaci's elite.

The Wingless Bird By LJBush

I was 9 years old when I wrote my first poem. It contained a few childish scribbled lines of how I felt at the time. I continued and never stopped. 

This collection of poems come from my inner core, written from a continuing sense of grief and loss. 

Although dark, emotional and heartbreaking at times; I hope all those who read my poems, will be able to relate to both the illustrations and the words. 

Each in itself tells its own story. 
Thank you.

Twitter Account: @LJBush

Reverbnation Account:
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Etsy account name soon to be released.

This lady is a total time bomb of extraordinary talent, a writer of fiction/non fiction/poetry, a singer/musician/songwriter, a craftswomen, someone very important needs to notice her...

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Santa's Pipe Dream By Peter Maddocks

A Christmas story with a message, how Santa's pipe smoking habit almost destroyed his reputation and his beard!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Memoirs' of a Muse

My passion is full of only you, and without you I am nothing, days into nights into days... a hollow shell moving acting - a shadow without her other half, a half of half living for the nights of another life...

Memoirs' of a Muse....

Sunday, 6 April 2014


You & Your DODOisms... By Vivek Rajan Vivek

Product Description

Would you like to go the way of the Dodo? Dead & Extinct? Or would you like to Soar like an Eagle?

Are you over-read, over-worked and over-burdened by life?

Are you financially and spiritually bankrupt?

Are you up your eyeballs with get-rich quick schemes and surrounded by quacks when it comes to spiritual well-being?

Are you hanging on to a thread hope-wise?

Then this priceless, no-nonsense, to the point 60 page bookeen will help you re-orient your compass and revvv your possibility meter to the 'max'.

Within Half an Hour You will discover:

• This stuff is not difficult nor is it rocket science.

Actionless Action - Act without Acting. A Timeless, Priceless, Easy, Powerful and Assured path to Outer Riches and Inner Peace.

• Money and why a select few become rich?

Will you ever make money? 

• Meditation and Yoga. Are these Dodoisms too?

Massive energy leaks from your being, and how they can be fixed?

• Can thought and emotion ever be controlled? Or is that a fantasy?

Are vegetarians more spiritual than non-vegetarians?

• Why most people struggle to lose weight?

• Is it possible to be rich, happy and stress free at the same time?

• Human evolution from monkeys - true or false?

Einstein's theory of relativity - true or false?

• Aliens - do they exist?

Can you exist in two places at once?

• How everything began?

How everything will end? Will it ever begin again?

This will be one of the most eye-opening bookeen's you'll ever read. I'm regular guy who was raised and educated on three continents. I went from Huh? to Aha! in two decades. I reckon I surprised myself, and I love it. The good news is: you can too. 

I got a little excited and decided to write this bookeen. The secrets contained within are eternal and immortal. They've helped millions before and I sincerely hope they help you achieve financial and spiritual bliss in your life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

To your success and prosperity, both financially and spiritually,

Vivek Rajan Vivek