Thursday, 14 June 2012

Four great Children's books by Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, and children's film maker. Including Penny Crayon, FamilyNess and Jimbo and the Jet Set.

These are short stories, all previously published and now for the first time come together in this group.

Polar Bears tales, a story of a family of polar bears living in the Arctic, and their struggles to survive in this ever changing world.

Tick Tock Teddy, a teddy bear made for a small boy to help with learning to read a clock face. The bear ends up helping many more people to be on time!

The Sneezing Whale, two children help a whale with a very bad cold who threatens to flood a small Welsh fishing village with his enormous sneezes!

And finally, Santa's Pipe Dream, Santa Clause has a very nasty habit, and one which threatens to ruin Christmas for all the children of the world!

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A two story compilation of Peter Maddocks books, bringing together Penny Crayon the prequel and Penny Crayon Dickens of a Mess!

The first story telling how Penny Crayon's artistic talents first got her and Dennis into lots of action and adventure!

In Dickens of a Mess Penny's continues to learn through historic figures, when she falls into film making with her best friend Dennis.

Peter Maddocks first brought his Penny Crayon stories alive through children's television series and books, in many languages around the world.

He is also very known as a Fleet Street Cartoonist, and other children's series such as FamilyNess and Jimbo and the Jet Set.

Nowadays he is painting, in many different styles and mediums.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Tick Tock Teddy... By Peter Maddocks
Short Children's Story about a small boy who is given a teddy bear to help him learn to tell the time!  Tick Tock Teddy also helps a lot of other people with their time keeping in the process!

Polar Bear Tales... By Peter Maddocks
Short children's story, a family of polar bears whose home is the Arctic, face a never ending changing world, see how they do their best to survive.

The Sneezing Whale... By Peter Maddocks
A whale with a very bad cold is causing problems in a small Welsh fishing village, a brother and sister do all they can to help the whale and their friends and neighbours in the village!

Santa's Pipe Dream... By Peter Maddocks
A story for children, and not just for Christmas, a lovely short story which tells how a very unhealthy habit of Santa's threatens the existence of Christmas altogether!

All these books are available separately at the moment, but in a few days a compilation including all four will be released at a great price, so wait and buy all of them together!

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It was during the Croydon riots in London and elsewhere around the country, many shop owners lost their whole livelihood.  There was a lot of anger, and some people took it upon themselves to give a little pay back to those who had emptied their shops and premises!

Henry, from the pet store and George the local tobacconist shared a common goal, much to the surprise of some of the local thugs!

A short story for adults by Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, and publisher of children's books and films, including FamilyNess and Penny Crayon.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Penny Crayon, the prequel!  By Peter Maddocks
Penny Crayon is girl with magical crayons, whatever she draws comes to life! Penny and her best friend Dennis create mayhem in their many adventures, this book is about how it all began.

Peter Maddocks made a children's television series for the BBC... And the above book, the prequel Peter Maddocks tells the story of how Penny began her story....

Penny Crayon and Dennis are asked to play a part in the Charles Dickens film, Oliver Twist. Penny uses her magic crayons to create the cast and causes havoc on the set!

In the above book Peter Maddocks has elaborated on the short story in the children's television program...

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