Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Magic Cat Flap By Peter Maddocks

Tibs the family cat by day, and by night a blue cartoon cat! He has marvellous adventures, the cat-flap takes him to visit places and times we can only imagine... In this full color story Tibs journey takes him to the Arabian Desert, where he helps out Nomadic Arab Cats...

Available in Paperback above... The the paperback books are in large print, to help children to learn to read, or reading to them easily at bedtime....

And here for your kindle! The Magic Cat Flap... 

Out NOW in paperback!  The sixth paperback book out recently by Peter Maddocks!

Billy Kit Car, begins as just a normal kiddies car... A car made with love, and by hand, by Billy's granddad for his birthday, and then as if by magic comes to life, to fulfil Billy's dreams... Billy has many wonderful adventures in his new birthday present, this is the first in the series, where he and his new Kit Car join the great London to Brighton car rally! Back at his Granddad's garage, the fuel pumps, diesel and petrol, are left to ponder where Billy could be, until his return in a most unusual manner!

Full beautiful color brings this wonderful story to life, first in the series, more to come!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

As of this moment, I have up and running a small, but out there TShirt shop!

MaddocksPublishedByMeSpreadshirt Shop!  Only a few designs so far, I will be updating with more designs in more colors as and when I can, also, to go with the wonderful Tick Tock Teddy book is the above teddy with his very own tshirt!

I am awaiting replies from two newspapers! 37 books in kindle for Peter Maddocks and now, also four in paperback!!!

Wish I had started all this years ago, 30 years ago maybe.... But then, as they say, better late than never eh!

Another two books in the pipeline for paperback, one in edit, another in the post!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Been busy busy busy last couple of weeks, above Santa's Pipe Dream, will be available in paperback version soon, from Amazon... It is a wonderful book, full pages, amazing color, and of course, a beautiful story, not just for Christmas.... But what a great time to buy it!