Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to be a Super Cartoonist

Working on this book at the moment, editing it first, cleaning it up and preparing it for publishing next!

How to be a Super Cartoonist by Peter Maddocks.

I am also in the last stage of publishing my next book, a physiological thriller, sort of!

So watch this space!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Dennis C Randall

Well, who would have thought it would be I introducing my next book here today!

The week before I began this work placement I suddenly set about a book on my step father Dennis C Randall, I couldn't stop writing, and before I knew it, within three days, it was written, photographs loaded and in with createspace for publishing!

I have here now a link to the Kindle version... still a great book here...  and awaiting the paperback now!

I had a few changes to make, not easy from here, without the original download, but somehow I have accomplished it!

And I must admit, not so shyly as I should be, I am very pleased with it!  Who knows what errors there are, or how the pictures will come out on the Kindle in reality... but we will see!

It has been a wonderful thing, going through dads box... which is what set me on this road, his pictures, his writing, so much more I wish now I could have included, maybe I can add more at a later date, well, of course I know I can!

Enjoy those of you who make the purchase!  Enjoy the road I took...