Monday, 11 June 2012

The Tick Tock Teddy... By Peter Maddocks
Short Children's Story about a small boy who is given a teddy bear to help him learn to tell the time!  Tick Tock Teddy also helps a lot of other people with their time keeping in the process!

Polar Bear Tales... By Peter Maddocks
Short children's story, a family of polar bears whose home is the Arctic, face a never ending changing world, see how they do their best to survive.

The Sneezing Whale... By Peter Maddocks
A whale with a very bad cold is causing problems in a small Welsh fishing village, a brother and sister do all they can to help the whale and their friends and neighbours in the village!

Santa's Pipe Dream... By Peter Maddocks
A story for children, and not just for Christmas, a lovely short story which tells how a very unhealthy habit of Santa's threatens the existence of Christmas altogether!

All these books are available separately at the moment, but in a few days a compilation including all four will be released at a great price, so wait and buy all of them together!

From also link to Peter Maddocks books to the right here for a quick purchase!

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