Thursday, 19 July 2012

Back in 1946 The liner Queen Mary was known to merchant seamen and military personal as the Gray Ghost, shipping troops home from war torn Europe. Her first trip across the Atlantic as a passenger liner carrying first, second and third class passengers, also had many G I brides on board to join their new ex armed forces husbands in Canada and America. leaving the austere shores of food rationed Britain for the New World and a New Life in... The AMERICAS.

Peter Maddocks draws on some of his own experience here, at least with the Merchant Navy! The rest, we hope is only fiction!

Peter Maddocks, Fleet Street Cartoonist, now lives in southern Spain, where he has now added wonderful paintings and short stories on eBook to his long list of accomplishments. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Book of Peter Maddocks Cartoons, a compilation of his funny, zany, surrealist, a gentle smile or laugh out loud cartoons!

Peter Maddocks now resides in southern Spain, painting, drawing and now writing a varied selection of childrens stories, adult short stories.

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