Sunday, 6 April 2014


You & Your DODOisms... By Vivek Rajan Vivek

Product Description

Would you like to go the way of the Dodo? Dead & Extinct? Or would you like to Soar like an Eagle?

Are you over-read, over-worked and over-burdened by life?

Are you financially and spiritually bankrupt?

Are you up your eyeballs with get-rich quick schemes and surrounded by quacks when it comes to spiritual well-being?

Are you hanging on to a thread hope-wise?

Then this priceless, no-nonsense, to the point 60 page bookeen will help you re-orient your compass and revvv your possibility meter to the 'max'.

Within Half an Hour You will discover:

• This stuff is not difficult nor is it rocket science.

Actionless Action - Act without Acting. A Timeless, Priceless, Easy, Powerful and Assured path to Outer Riches and Inner Peace.

• Money and why a select few become rich?

Will you ever make money? 

• Meditation and Yoga. Are these Dodoisms too?

Massive energy leaks from your being, and how they can be fixed?

• Can thought and emotion ever be controlled? Or is that a fantasy?

Are vegetarians more spiritual than non-vegetarians?

• Why most people struggle to lose weight?

• Is it possible to be rich, happy and stress free at the same time?

• Human evolution from monkeys - true or false?

Einstein's theory of relativity - true or false?

• Aliens - do they exist?

Can you exist in two places at once?

• How everything began?

How everything will end? Will it ever begin again?

This will be one of the most eye-opening bookeen's you'll ever read. I'm regular guy who was raised and educated on three continents. I went from Huh? to Aha! in two decades. I reckon I surprised myself, and I love it. The good news is: you can too. 

I got a little excited and decided to write this bookeen. The secrets contained within are eternal and immortal. They've helped millions before and I sincerely hope they help you achieve financial and spiritual bliss in your life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

To your success and prosperity, both financially and spiritually,

Vivek Rajan Vivek

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