Friday, 10 January 2014

...From dawn to dusk... I will love you from dawn to dust too... I know as sure as I know each breathe I take is for you, each heart beat is for you, each thought and feeling is only for you my dearest heart, I love you, my most audacious man... who feeds my soul and makes me whole, you made me my Artist, and without you I am only half again.... I love you... sleep well with me in your arms, I know you can't feel me maybe?  but be assured I am with you, light as a feather, smooth as silk, wet and moist and ready always for only you, I am wrapped about your body, holding your heart in mine, my arms encircle you to protect you, my eyes rest only on yours, my hair curls around your fingers, and I am whole again within and around you, I am yours forever more, the muse who loves you, your muse.... 

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