Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Leap of Faith By Lorraine Jean Bush.... Second in the trilogy...

After the revelation and shock sinks in, as to who their creator is, LJ and Jo find themselves in the turmoil of yet another catastrophe.

Varacolaci reveals yet more shocking news of his own, and LJ discovers she has more in common with her creator than she would like.

As they all prepare to return to London, little do they all know, their lives are all about to be turned upside down. An innocent night out at the Hangmans Arms, brings yet more trouble involving a new encounter with a curious stranger. LJ takes her own Leap of Faith, not knowing she is leading her whole new family into danger, which could spell the end of Varacolaci's elite.

I helped LJ publish this book yesterday 8-04-2013, paperback book will be available soon on Amazon at present at LULU... 


  1. Like, also your cover design

  2. Lorraine is a brilliant writer,her two books so far are amazing and her poetry grabs you by the heart and squeezes, hard! LJ is going to have a poetry book out soon, the words and all the art for covers, is also her own work, a truly talented artist, her work is full of passion.

    Thank you for the comment.