Thursday, 26 January 2012

At last, I bring to you both of Peter Maddocks Condomania books!

Condomania 101 Uses for a Condom.... This is truly a book of our times! Wickedly funny, it is also a guide to the real possibilities of condoms in daily life. It is certainly more informative than the TV ads...

 And Condomania Thruough the Ages... A ribald romp through the great condom moments of yesterday! Laugh your way down the ages safely with Harold of Hastings, Willie Shakespeare and naughty Napoleon in this hilarious and irreverent collection of cartoons.

Flushed with the success of Condomania, his condom guide for today, Peter Maddocks has again picked up his wicked pen. This time he gives us 101 uses for the condom that we didn't even suspect our grandfathers knew about.

 Today I am publishing another Spanish book, How to Draw Cartoons... this should be 'live' tomorrow!

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